Our Partners

IHK Frankfurt am Main

Together with the Chamber of Commerce Frankfurt we also consider financial funding opportunities.


Federal Association of German Management Consultants


The DFJ e.V. - Germany’s strong non-tariff advocacy group for journalists who work full-time or predominantly in the fields of photography, print, internet, marketing, radio or TV. The association represents photographers, editors, word journalists, authors, public relations workers, press officers and other press employees.

Positive Parties®

In cooperation with Gall GmbH we carry out innovative and customized events for marketing and tourism and find solutions for businesses. We organize conferences, events of meetings, kick offs and great forums.

Gall GmbH

Positive Parties® is an inspiring, motivating and transforming coaching company delivering fun workshops, programs and seminars promoting positive mindsets in a unique 'party style' learning environment.

Gabriel-Tech GmbH

Many effective products with scientific publications and technical solutions for suppression of electromagnetic fields from of electrical devices.

Tisso Naturprodukte GmbH

Manufacturers of dietary supplements

Provicell GmbH

Manufacturers of household products, food, medical equipment

Nu Skin International, Inc.

Development of innovative products to support the health and longevity of skin and hair.

Young Living (Europe) Limited

Products with essences and essential oils to improve the quality of life

Taramax GmbH

The network holistically minded therapists. The Taramax community in constant communication with innovative advanced training networks and research-based therapists. Our expert authors continously improve their knowledge on current health topics from the daily professional experience and from recent scientific publications.

Alphalauf Dr. Johannes Huber e.U.

Joy and relaxation through meditative running. The Alpha Run is the unique combination of endurance running and relaxation technique. Both physical fitness and mental strength are trained. The activation of alpha waves in the brain makes it possible to achieve a state of relaxation and natural wellbeing.

Healy World GmbH

Health is more important than ever today. The Healy is used to treat chronic pain, fibromyalgia, skeletal pain and migraines. He uses certain frequencies for this. Frequencies should harmonize the bioenergetic field. The Healy is approved as a class IIa medical device in the European Union. We would be happy to advise you on the various product modules without obligation.