Now the time has come for major changes.  Technological progress and global competition force people to be more effective in less time. In addition we are increasingly exposed to changes caused by environmental factors.  Therfore every working and creative person is well advised to be effective and goal-oriented in organizing the daily work and also to establish a good health condition. We assist you in achieving your goals,  yor balanced work-life balance and be the creator of your life.

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Our Range

BizzHealth Coaching & Consulting offers service to all those who want to discover and envolve their talents, skills and gifts. Situations of major changes by globalization, competition and personnel actions are very challenging. Here we offer you advise in personal questions about your goals, your career, in situations of change - allway in respect to your health and we will support you to gain reasonable work-life balance.

Expertise and experience

Those who want to take big steps, they will have to change a lot. This processe often needs time and many challenges have to be done. Based on my professional experience in personnel matters, in medical, economic and technical fields, I can guarantee you the best possible advice and service.

"Happy are the people when they do what is good for them." Platon (428/427 -348 / 347 B.C.)


The first session of consultation is free of charge.  Based on the results we will elaborate  a time and cost-related consulting proposal for you. 

All the best wishes for your life

Sylvia Domack